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The First Note


We sing everything from Old Time Music Hall to 60's folk music to Broadway, and although we sing in harmony, and give great professional vocal tips, the emphasis is on having total fun. We are an extremely diverse group, from C.E.O.'s, Nurses to retirees, and we take time to share personal stories and sing a variety of repertoire, together, with one voice. Everyone is welcome, especially those who “don’t”, “can’t” or were told “not to sing”. Come and have some fun! You can join at any time. Come along and see for yourself how much fun singing with our choir is – no experience is necessary, no audition process and everyone is welcome.

Teach In Harmony

Our choir is in our seventh year and continues to provide social interaction, skill development, community inclusion and integration, self-esteem and confidence building. It provides a safe space where you can ‘find your voice’ and sing from your heart. It provides a place and opportunities where you can come to sing for healing, sing for self and sing for others. It provides positive support in a positive environment where singing together brings friendship, acceptance and laughter. The greatest elation comes with performance – to feel the energy of singing for others and to be immersed in applause gives such an uplifting feeling that each member wants to create and feel again.


The Future Sounds Good


Voices Choral Group generally produces up to 5 shows a year. Since its inception, the group has presented "Centre Stage", and afternoon of Music and Fun showcasing the amazing talents of our individual members.  June 2014 saw us present an "OLDE TIME MUSIC HALL" which was immense fun and very well received by the community.  Our annual Christmas show, "A KRACKER CHRISTMAS" was presented in December 2014 and was certainly a cracker of a show.

2015 began with a performance for the Moreton Bay Regional Shire Council's "Aussie Beach Party" and our very successful St Patrick's day celebration,

"A WEE BIT O'IRISH" which was held on March 15th.  


Our Anzac Commemorative show

"THE TOAST IS ANZAC, GENTLEMEN", was very well received by the community.  The production ran over two weekends with almost full houses for each performance. This historically driven show was certainly not to be missed.

"Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?" was our Christmas Spectacular for 2015.  What a fabulous time we had producing this show for our community.  

MARCH 2016 saw Voices produce "LET'S GO GIRLS".  This show was a celebration of Women In Music and a major achievement for us, as the entire groiup banded together to chose the performance songs.  All songs performed were written by women.  This show celebrated Queensland's inaugural Women's Week.  We hope to celebrate again in 2017.


MAY 2016  

Voices Choral Group once again played to packed houses for their Bi-Annual "THE GOLDEN DAYS OF MUSIC HALL" a resounding success with lots of fun laughter and sing-a-long tunes, not to mention the magnificent Bill of Fare.



"BROADWAY AND BEYOND" was a "bigger than Ben Hur" production, with all the glitz and glamour of Broadway.  The lights, costumes and digital backdrops brought the wonderful music of Broadway to audiences, over two performances.  we once again delivered challenging, exhilarating and fun music programs that delighted our audiences, starting with our wonderful show “Broadway & Beyond”. This show was a resounding success not only for the community, but for the incredibly talented team of performers. It was wonderful to see choralists stepping up to become soloists, dancers and comedians. Another successful show and a credit to all who worked towards this amazing show.


27th NOVEMBER 2016   saw us end our 2016 performances with our annual Christmas Concert "THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR".  What an excellent show this was.  A full house and great accolades for our wonderful Choral Group.  Well deserved!! Christmas came with the usual round of community performances plus our performances at  shopping centers.  I don’t think I have ever had such wonderful feedback from members of the general public and shop keepers in the centre. 

Our first show for 2017  

was “Yesterday Once More”, a celebration of the past 6 years of performances of Voices.  This was a challenging show to put together as a Musical Director.  The sometimes complex harmonies, were difficult for me to teach and more difficult for you to learn and perform.  As usual, you rose to the challenge and performed with a professionalism that always astounds me.  The choral groups’ rendition of  AFRICA was awesome and might I say, a bit of a shock (in a good way) to our regular audiences.  When I first suggested that we perform the song, most of you were a little hesitant but, in true Voices style, you embraced my craziness and ran with it and TOTALLY NAILED IT!!!  

Cabaret Souffle” in September 2017 was an amazing show to direct, as well as to perform in. Although the show was held on the small stage at Toc H, it was very well received by the audiences. The show took us from songs like "The Sweetheart Tree" to 'Cabaret" and "Welcome to Burlesque" complete with Burlesque dancers.  The famed Blues Brothers even made an appearance with Minnie The Moocher. What a challenging show for all involved.  Hard work and many, many rehearsals make it all worthwhile.


Christmas came with the usual round of community performances plus our performances at Woolworths shopping centre.  I don’t think I have ever had such wonderful feedback from members of the general public and shop keepers in the centre.

26th & 27th May 2018 saw us produce Decades Rewind, a concert, party and theatrical performance all wrapped up in one blockbuster show! It celebrated the hits of the 60s and 70s, the most prominent decades in music history. Rock, Country and Motown all took center stage in this brand new concert featuring over 50 songs. From The Crew Cuts, Cliff Richards, Aretha to Eagles, The Carpenters and The Beatles. Decades Rewind had audiences singing and dancing in the aisles. This WAS the story of your life!

21st 22nd & 23rd SEPTEMBER 2018

RAZZAMATAZZ  a Variety Show combined two hours of unique, colorful, exciting and entertaining acts, into an entertainment experience unlike anything else appearing on Bribie Island.

The individual talents of the cast are combined into a production that was as equally entertaining to adults of all ages as it was to teens and younger children throughout its entire length. All of Voices shows are “family friendly” in terms of their content and RAZZAMATAZZ Variety Show was one of those shows.

With its rather bizarre mix of acts, ranging from choir performances to dancers and comedians, it sometimes seemed like a throwback to the days of music hall. 

The ethos of variety concerts, dictates that it must “reflect all areas of show business” and it is a format that was  followed in RAZZAMATAZZ, a Variety Show. Very successful show and exhilarating (and tiring) to all those involved.

1st DECEMBER 2018 saw us produce

'TIS THE SEASON, a wonderful show full of traditional (and some not so traditional) favorites. This was a one performance only show to end our 2018 season.  The show was produced very differently to all our other shows in that we had an open curtain throughout the show.  Go to our Gallery for a pictorial view of the fun that was had in 'Tis The Season.


Use the "CONTACT US" above to send in your suggestions for a particular type of show that you would like to see Voices Choral Group perform for you in 2019.